IR Group

Hideo Mitsuda

Head of IR Group

Mr. Mitsuda joined Polaris in August 2006. Prior to Polaris, he worked at Mizuho Financial Group for 12 years, first as a research analyst of the Industrial Research Department of The Industrial Bank of Japan (IBJ), then as vice president of the specialized finance division at the New York office of Mizuho Corporate Bank. Mr. Mitsuda received a BA in Economics from the University of Tokyo and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

He concurrently holds positions as below;
Director, Aimedic MMT CO., LTD.

Atsushi Urushitani

Chief IR Officer

Mr. Urushitani joined Polaris in February 2014. Prior to Polaris, he worked for Alternative Investment Capital Ltd(AIC), leading investment and advisory activities related to private equity funds globally as Director. Prior to AIC, he worked for KFi, involving with various advisory projects related to Japanese financial regulation, risk management, internal audit, etc. Prior to KFi, he worked at The Chugoku Bank, Limited, primarily involving with risk management and investment in capital markets. Mr. Urushitani received a BA in Law from Kyoto University.