Detailed Description of Portfolio Companies of Fund III

Aimedic MMT CO., LTD.

Features Target Company (Ai-Medic Co., Ltd. and MMT Co., Ltd., jointly) engages in manufacturing, sales, and relevant services of orthopedic implant products for knee, shoulder, elbow, and hip. It has established dominant market share in areas of periarticular fractures and anterior cruciate ligament injuries treatment by leveraging on ‘AI-Wiring System’, its flagship product for trauma treatment. Target Company’s business is supported by the combination of strong R&D, pharmaceutical regulatory compliance, manufacturing, procurement, and sales, as well as its close-knit and extensive network with orthopedic surgeons across Japan. It also aims to boost business growth on the back of continual development and launches of new products and upgrades, which will be effectively promoted by high-performing sales force.
Investment Pattern Carve-out from Noritsu Koki Co., Ltd.
Acquisition of the owner’s share
Investment Theme (1) Further enhancement of existing businesses via market launch of upgraded flagship products (i.e. ‘AI-Wiring System’); (2) Delivering synergy through the merger of Ai-Medic and MMT; (3) Achieving business model innovation to establish unparalleled unique market position by new product development in trauma treatment, sports orthopedics, joint prosthetics areas, leveraging on solid customer base among many orthopedic doctors as well as venturing into joint projects with foreign firms in future