Our commitment to ESG

Polaris became a signatory to PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment: https://www.unpri.org/) in May 2016.
We Polaris understand that we have a duty to act in the best long-term interests of our beneficiaries. In this fiduciary role, we believe that environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) issues can affect the performance of investment portfolios. We also recognize that applying these Principles may better align investors with broader objectives of society. We commit to adopt and implement them, where consistent with our fiduciary responsibilities.

We will incorporate ESG issues into investment analysis and decision-making processes.
We will be active owners and incorporate ESG issues into our ownership policies and practices.
We will seek appropriate disclosure on ESG issues by the entities in which we invest.
We will promote acceptance and implementation of the Principles within the investment industry.
We will work together to enhance our effectiveness in implementing the Principles.
We will each report on our activities and progress towards implementing the Principles.

In accordance with the above six principles, we have incorporated environmental, social and corporate governance issues into the investment process and monitoring process, and are working with the investee companies to evaluate and improve ESG issues.

[Total GHG emissions of Polaris Capital Group Co., Ltd. for FY2021]
Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions were 34t-CO2, and Scope 3 GHG emissions were 34,083t-CO2.

*Scope 3 Category 15 emissions of portfolio companies are calculated by estimating Scope 1 and 2 emissions of each portfolio company.