Board of Directors

Yuji Kimura

President & CEO

Mr. Kimura founded Polaris in 2004 and was appointed CEO. Currently, he is in charge of overall management as the President and CEO, and is in the forefront of investment, monitoring, and IR operations as the Chairman of the Investment Committee. Prior to Polaris, he was general manager of the Private Equity Department of Mizuho Securities, where he managed and successfully generated high performance on a number of private equity investments. Before Mizuho Securities, Mr. Kimura worked 16 years in corporate banking and investment banking at The Industrial Bank of Japan, Ltd. (IBJ). Mr. Kimura received a BA in International Relations from the University of Tokyo, and an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He has been appointed Visiting Professor since April 2020 at the Graduate School of Kyoto University where he had been assuming the position of Adjunct Professor since April 2019. He also has acted as Chairman of Japan Private Equity Association since September 2019.

Norio Kinouchi


Mr. Kinouchi joined the Development Bank of Japan in 1972. He engaged in Loan・Credit Department at the Headquarter, Takamatsu Branch, Osaka Branch, etc., then served as General Manager of Financial Department and General Manager of Takamatsu Branch. He then served as Senior Managing Director and Director of the Research Department of the Japan Economic Research Institute. After that he joined Johnson Diversey Co., Ltd. in 2001. He served as a director and general manager of the Accounting Department of T-POLL Co., Ltd., and as a director and president of Daisan Kogyo Co., Ltd. In 2006, he was appointed representative director and CEO of 4 companies in the Group including the above 2 companies, where he engaged the planning and execution of growth strategies leveraging the Group’s comprehensive strength, improvement of the business processes and strengthening of cost competitiveness. After his retirement from the CEO in August 2006, he joined Midori Godo Keiei as partner. He was appointed Director of Polaris in 2012.

Hiroto Koda


Mr. Koda joined The Industrial Bank of Japan (currently Mizuho Bank) in 1982. Primarily engaged in financial system reform, securities business, investment banking planning, and strategy planning. He has served as Managing Executive Officer and in charge of Planning since April 2011 at Mizuho Securities and also appointed as Representative Director and Executive Vice President since May 2016. Currently, he serves as CEO of Innovation Intelligence Research Institute Inc. He is also Professor of the Graduate School of Business Management at Kyoto University, Professor at SBI Graduate School, and Professor at Hitotsubashi Graduate School, specialized in corporate finance, private equity investment, and trends in the financial system and capital markets. Since 1992, he has consistently engaged in financial system reforms, institutional researches and market analyses for capital market reforms, and supported innovation including FinTech. He was appointed Director of Polaris in 2009, and also serves as Director of Japan Investment Corporation.

Zenji Miura


Mr. Miura joined Ricoh Co., Ltd. in 1976, after engaging in the Corporate Management and Planning, and Finance department, he moved to Ricoh Europe (Netherlands) and led the financial management team in the EMEA offices as an accounting and finance director. And then he moved to Ricoh France as a president and promoted M&A for sales distributers. Subsequently, he served as Managing Director of the UK headquarters of Gestetner acquired by the Ricoh. And then, after serving as Senior Managing Executive Officer and CFO and Executive Vice President and Representative Director of Ricoh, he was appointed as Executive Director, President and CEO. As the CEO, he promoted "Selection and Concentration of Businesses" and "Realization of highly efficient management" and made a significant contribution to the growth and improvement of the company's structure. He was appointed Director of Polaris in 2019, and in the same year, he was appointed CEO of LignoMateria Co., Ltd.

Maoko Kotani


Ms. Kotani joined Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. in 1986. After leaving the Company, she served as the main news anchor of NHK’s news program, "Morning Wide" and "Good Morning Japan", and NHK-BS1’s program, “World Report". Subsequently after participated in TV Asahi’s evening news broadcast "News Station", she had hosted as the main news anchor of TV Tokyo's news program, "WBS (World Business Satellite)" for 16 years since 1998. In addition, she also had a BS Japan’s program, "Maoko Kotani's KANDAN" where she conducted interviews with companies’ leaders. Also she served as an advisor to WFP (United Nations World Food Programme) and as a member of the World Economic Forum IMC (International Media Council). Since March 2020, she is hosting as the main news anchor of BS TV Tokyo’s special number “SDGs will change the future ~Maoko Kotani surveys the world~”. She currently serves as the Board of Directors of the Toyota Mobility Foundation and as Director of Open House Co., Ltd. She was appointed Director of Polaris in 2021.

Yoshitaka Kenno


Mr. Kenno joined Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. in 1982 and engaged strategic planning, business planning, and organizational restructuring. After serving as General Manager of the Cyber Business Division, he was seconded to Contents Works Inc. (a joint venture of Fuji Xerox and other companies) and was appointed CEO. After leaving the Company, he served as CEO of Random House Kodansha Co., Ltd., Executive Vice President of Drug Eleven Holdings Co., Ltd., and CEO of Aoyama Book Center Co., Ltd. He was appointed as Auditor of Polaris in 2014.