Polaris CG Singapore Pte.Ltd.

Hideo Mitsuda

Managing Director

Hideo Mitsuda

Mr. Mitsuda joined Polaris in August 2006. Prior to Polaris, he worked at Mizuho Financial Group for 12 years, first as a research analyst of the Industrial Research Department of The Industrial Bank of Japan (IBJ), then as vice president of the specialized finance division at the New York office of Mizuho Corporate Bank. Mr. Mitsuda received a BA in Economics from the University of Tokyo and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Shinjiro Takeuchi

Executive Director

Mr. Takeuchi joined Polaris in April 2019 and has been appointed Executive Director of Polaris CG Singapore Pte.Ltd. since September 2019. Prior to joining Polaris, he worked for Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd. and was in charge of asset management business to offer investors leading overseas funds from 2017, reorganization of the UK subsidiary by addressing sub-prime loan issues from 2008, and delivering financial solutions to corporate companies. Before that, he was engaged in tax litigation issues related to the disposal of non-performing loans for housing finance companies at The Industrial Bank of Japan, Ltd. Mr. Takeuchi received a BA in Economics from Hitotsubashi University, a LLB from Chuo University and an ITP from Harvard Law School.