Management Message

<!--Yuji Kimura-->

Polaris launched the fundraising of Polaris Private Equity Fund IV, L.P. in the fourth quarter of 2016 targeting the investors across the globe and completed it in April 2017 with JPY75 billion commitments, the largest ever, only in several months, the shortest ever, for Polaris. I, as the founder, was greatly honored by receiving strong interests from existing and new investors worldwide resulting in oversubscription. By the completion of this round of fundraising, Polaris’s cumulative capital raised reached almost JPY200 billion. I would like to thank you for your support which has enabled us to achieve the four rounds of successful fundraising within a short period since 2004 and secure the position of a leading firm in the Japanese buyout fund market.

Since its inception, Polaris has invested in about 30 Japanese companies with a persistent focus on Business Succession from individual owners and Carve-out from large conglomerates. Our primary investment focus of the new fund will continue to be on Japanese companies in manufacturing with globally competitive technologies/patents and in consumer goods, retail, logistics and other services possessing strong brands or unique business models with potential to expand into the overseas markets.

There are many Japanese mid-cap enterprises which have not yet realized their full potential due to legacy assets or constraints. Polaris wishes to work with such Japanese companies as a sponsor and assist them to overcome those obstacles and achieve Business Model Innovation by streamlining business structure, improving management effectiveness, strengthening financial standings and as a result increase the enterprise value. In terms of the location, Polaris, the only private equity firm with an office in Osaka, intends to put more effort in identifying attractive investment opportunities in Kansai area. On the overseas front, Polaris intends to support the global expansion of its portfolio companies through its Singapore subsidiary.

One of Polaris’s major missions is to revitalize the Japanese economy and contribute to Japanese society, through assisting Japanese companies to advance into the global market with their unique technologies and brands and creating a new capital flow via funds in Japan. As a leading firm in the private equity market, Polaris continues to be committed to providing the best and high value added services to its clients as a fair and diligent intermediary, contributing to the growth of Japanese industries and achieving the happiness and fulfilment of each Polaris member. Your kindest and unchanged support into the future would be greatly appreciated.