Management Message

<!--Yuji Kimura-->

Since our establishment in 2004, Polaris Capital Group Co., Ltd. (“Polaris”) has made close to 40 investments in themes such as business succession, carve-out of subsidiaries and business units from large corporations and privatization, and currently has over JPY350 billion in assets under management. In the 5th fund, which completed its fundraising in 2020 with JPY150 billion, we are actively investing in manufacturing companies with globally competitive technologies and patents, and in consumer goods, retail, logistics and other services-related businesses possessing strong brands and potential for overseas expansion. Notably, starting this year we will be expanding our focus into growth buyouts, on top of traditional leveraged buyouts, in sectors like healthcare and technology.

There are many Japanese mid-cap enterprises which have not yet realized their full potential due to legacy issues or constraints. Polaris wishes to work with such Japanese companies as a sponsor and assist them to overcome these obstacles and increase their corporate value through the promotion of Business Model Innovation in terms of digital transformation and ESG perspectives, in addition to streamlining business structure, improving management effectiveness and strengthening the company’s financial position. In terms of regional coverage, being the only private equity firm with an office in Osaka, Polaris intends to identify and pursue investment opportunities in the Kansai area. On the overseas front, Polaris intends to support the global expansion of its portfolio companies through its Singapore subsidiary.

Polaris’ mission is to revitalize the Japanese economy and contribute to Japanese society, through helping Japanese companies advance into the global market with their unique technology and brand power, and creating new capital flows via funds in Japan. As a leading firm in the private equity market, Polaris continues to be committed to providing the best and high value added services to its clients as a fair and diligent intermediary, contributing to the growth of Japanese industries and achieving the happiness and fulfilment of each Polaris member. We sincerely appreciate your kind and continued support into the future.

Yuji Kimura
Founder, President & CEO
Polaris Capital Group Co., Ltd.