Polaris has established its unique position among the mid-cap PE fund managers in and outside of Japan which invest into the Japanese market by its proprietary expertise acquired through more than 30 investments made since its inception in 2004 and its extensive resources available through its network.

Long-term commitment to Japanese Economy and Industries

  • Trusted partner for CEOs as a buyout funds inheriting DNA of IBJ which used to be the No.1 financier for Japanese industries

Ample Investment Experience and Hands-on Value Creation Expertise

  • More than 30 investments since its inception, a top record among Japanese PE funds
  • Value creation experience earned through hands-on monitoring of portfolio companies at various stages of corporate life cycle

Unique Market Position as ‘independent manager originated from major financial group’

  • Independent manager with ready access to extensive network of major financial group
  • Proprietary and strong network with various financial groups, professional firms, entrepreneurs in and outside of Japan

Flexible and Swift Decision-making

  • Flexible and swift decision-making by an Independent Manager

Investment Professionals with Diverse Background

  • Industry-leading investment professionals with diverse backgrounds such as investment banks, business corporations and consulting firms