List of Solutions offered by Polaris

Polaris can offer effective solutions for various issues at Japanese companies.

Business Succession

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  • “We want to pass the company to a successor before the ownership gets split due to inheritance.”
  • “I would like to dispose of the shares of the company and retire, but there is no one to hand over to. ”
  • When the original owner of a company lacks a successor or faces a slumping business, Polaris can purchase the shares held by him and help the company grow under the new management replacing the original owner.
  • If the existing officers of the company take over the management, Polaris may arrange “Management Buyout (MBO)” with those officers who put their own money in the company.
  • When the lack of an appropriate successor is an issue, Polaris may arrange a “Management Buy-In” where Polaris select a professional manager through its network and send him in to the company as new management.


  • “I am considering spin-off of a subsidiary or carve-out of a division to focus on core businesses, but do not want to hand it to our competitor”
  • “I am afraid that we may miss a future growth opportunity due to a lack of the resources provided by the parent company.”
  • If you want to sell a subsidiary/business division to a buyer other than your competitor, Polaris purchases the subsidiary/business division as sponsor and help it become an independent entity.
  • Such arrangement can be “Spin-off” where the parent disposes its entire stake or “Carve-out” where the parent keeps a certain percentage of the ownership.
  • Additionally, Polaris may arrange “Management Buyout (MBO)” where the management team invests their own money in the company as evidence of their commitment to the company.

Going Private

  • “Listing is getting costlier while its benefit is declining.”
  • “I want to eliminate the risk of a hostile takeover completely.”
  • “I want to manage the company from a long-term perspective without worrying about a short-term share price volatility.”
  • When a listed company wishes to avoid the cost of listing or the risk of hostile takeover or restructure business strategies from a long-term perspective not bothered by volatile share price, Polaris may sponsor a Going Private transaction.
  • “Management Buyout (MBO)” where the management team invest their own money in the transaction is another option.

Purchase from a financial investor

  • “A fund holds 100% of the company’s shares but plans to sell them and find a new sponsor in the near future”
  • When a financial investor or public administration body which owns a majority of the company sells their holding, Polaris buys the shares as a new sponsor and aims to improve the corporate value while ensuring the independence of the company.
  • “Management Buyout (MBO)” where the management team invest their own money in the transaction, as evidence of their commitment to the company, is another option.