Operations Group

Ryoichi Ogawa

Head of Operations Group

Mr. Ryoichi Ogawa is a Partner, Head of Operations Group, and Head of IR Group of Polaris. Mr. Ogawa most recently served as Managing Director and CIO of Polaris CG Singapore Pte. Ltd., and an Investment Committee Member of Altair Capital Advisors, a buyout fund that is focused on SMEs in the ASEAN region. Before joining Polaris as a Principal of Investment Group in 2007, Mr. Ogawa worked as a Project Manager at Boston Consulting Group (BCG). His project experience at BCG includes strategy and corporate development, and major organizational- and operational-change efforts in various sectors. Prior to joining BCG, he worked at Mitsui & Co., Ltd., one of the largest international trading companies. Mr. Ogawa received a BA in Political Science from Waseda University and an MBA from London Business School.

He concurrently holds positions as below;
Director, HITOWA Holdings Co., Ltd.

Toru Kajimura


Mr. Kajimura joined Polaris in Jan 2006. Prior to Polaris, he was engaged in research and dissemination of information in Telecom/Media/Internet areas, as well as marketing and forming M&A/LBO transactions in those industries at Industrial Research Department of Industrial Bank of Japan and Mizuho Corporate Bank. He is the author of several books including "Media Business in Internet Era"(Mizuho Industrial Research, Dec 2005). At Polaris, he had been engaged in investment activities before transferring to Operations group in Apr 2019 to conduct value creation business for portfolio companies. He received a Bachelor in Engineering from the University of Tokyo and a Master in Civil Engineering from the Graduate School of the University of Tokyo.

He concurrently holds positions as below;
Director, O-net, Inc.

Kazunari Yokoyama

Managing Director

Mr. Kazunari Yokoyama is a Managing Director of Operation Group. Mr. Yokoyama joined Polaris in April 2019. Prior to Polaris, he worked at Misumi Group as Account General Manager to optimize global factory supply procurement by pursuing time strategy for 3 years. Before that, he served as Associate Principal at McKinsey in various projects such as operation improvement (e.g. global procurement optimization), alliance strategy development and new project launch mainly in industry sector for 7 years. Mr. Yokoyama also had broad business experience such as investment in mining equity and global trading during 14-year experience at Mitsui. Mr. Yokoyama received a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering from the University of Tokyo.