Missions and Visions of Polaris

Mission Statement

We, Polaris, have the mission to contribute to the growth of Japanese industries by providing the best and high value added services to our clients as a fair and diligent intermediary, to become the leading firm in the buyout fund market and to achieve the happiness and fulfillment of each Polaris member.

Goal for 2024

Celebrating 20 years in business, going back to the basics and building bridges to glory once again

Mid-term Management Visions

To help Japanese companies compete in the global market place with unique technologies and brands and thus make Japan an attractive place for foreign investors to invest.

To reinvigorate Japanese economy by generating active flow of risk money via private equity funds and contribute to the growth of global economy

To secure the position of the No. 1 player and become an opinion leader in the private equity market in Japan

Behind the name “Polaris”

Polaris, the Pole Star, constant at the center of the celestial sphere, has been serving as a guidepost for the travelers and navigators for millennia. We wish to play a similar role for Japanese companies navigating through the waves of reorganization and restructuring of Japanese industries and become a cornerstone of the private equity market in Japan.