ESG Investments at Polaris and Initiatives by Investees

《Initiatives at Portfolio Companies》

By supporting dramatic corporate growth through investments, we aim to achieve high economic efficiency that can overcome ESG compliance costs.

Promoting ESG with Investees

Polaris is promoting ESG activities through a variety of approaches in addition to our own ESG promotion activities, including ESG investment. 38 ESG indicators have been set for portfolio companies. We examine and discuss issues through quarterly monitoring and promote ESG activities at portfolio companies.

Diversity Promotion Managers Meeting

The meeting held in September 2022 was attended by 23 people, mainly managers of diversity promotion, from 11 portfolio companies. We announced the Diversity Policy formulated throughout the Company and shared best practices in diversity and inclusion activities.
The meeting is a place for networking among members of investees who share the same mission, as well as a place for gathering and learning information. The aim is to raise awareness, improve skills and promote them throughout investees.

GHG Emissions Measurement

With regard to the reduction of GHG emissions, which we are particularly focusing on, we work to calculate, manage, and reduce GHG emissions of all portfolio companies with support from Zeroboard Inc. Each portfolio company appoints members to promote calculation and reduction, and has established a system for taking proactive action.

Carbon Emissions Reduction Workshop

In September 2023, in cooperation with Zeroboard Inc., we held a workshop for portfolio companies. We shared the latest knowledge on the movement of disclosure standards that take into account domestic and overseas trends and IFRS compliance. We formulated medium-to-long term carbon reduction plans and provided examples of measures to achieve carbon neutrality. We also discussed specific initiatives going forward.

Other Initiatives

■Engagement Survey

All portfolio companies conduct engagement surveys, leading to feedback on actions to improve motivation and reduce turnover rates.

■Implementing KPIs for ESG major indices, etc.

Cases of ESG Initiatives by Investees

i-PRO Co., Ltd.

i-PRO Co., Ltd.

We believe that diversity is the source of creating value, and we are working to create a workplace environment where employees with different cultural backgrounds and attributes respect each other’s individuality and values, and where everyone can contribute in their own way. In fact, we have employees of various nationalities and backgrounds, as well as a female CHRO.

i-PRO's Commitment>



We offer employee benefits that make it easy for staff members to work and flexible working hours management to support the balance between work, child-rearing and nursing care. Many women are actively working in managerial positions. In recognition of these efforts, we were certified by Saitama Prefecture as a company with diverse work styles.

Social Inclu Co., Ltd.

Social Inclu Co., Ltd.

To reduce the turnover rate of employees who support people with disabilities, as well as improve their motivation, we regularly conduct engagement surveys and introduced a new personnel system that clarifies the evaluation axis. We are also working to strengthen our training and education systems.