Detailed Description of Portfolio Companies of Fund V

GeoTechnologies Inc.

Features The Company is a comprehensive service provider of digital maps nationwide in Japan that provides map data licenses and customized content solutions for various purposes, including car navigation, applications for web and smartphones, and logistics, transportation, public services and retail, based on proprietary data developed and edited using advanced map production technologies and know-how. The Company has launched the business in the “big data” field to collect and utilize location information on people, vehicles, etc.
Investment Pattern Carve-out type
Acquisition of business from PIONEER CORPORATION
Investment Theme As a leading company in digital map production business, which has extremely high barriers to entry, the Company aims to differentiate itself from competitors by utilizing technologies such as AI and big data analysis. In the automotive field, the Company aims for steady growth by developing and providing precise and fresh maps for automotive navigation systems and high-precision maps for automated driving. In addition, in fields other than automotive, on top of further expanding map data maintenance and sales, the Company plans to expand rapidly its business scale and areas by combining people-flow data and systems/solutions for BtoB uses. Through these attempts, the Company aims to create new businesses in the "map × location information" field.