Detailed Description of Portfolio Companies of Fund V

Lincstech Co., Ltd.

Features The company has been operating in the PWB (printed wiring board) industry for over 50 years. It has established itself as a reliable supplier with its advanced technical capabilities. With five manufacturing sites in Japan and Singapore, the company has built strong relationships with leading companies in various industries, including IT infrastructure, Semiconductor test equipment (Probe card), Industrial robots, RF modules, Home appliances, Automobile, and Medical devices.
Investment Pattern Carve-out type
Acquisition of business from Showa Denko Materials Co., Ltd.
Investment Theme The Company aims to differentiate itself from the competition by leveraging its unique products backed by its advanced technological capabilities. The Company will seek growth by new customer acquisition and existing customer wallet share increase leveraging its unique super-high-density MWB (multi wiring board) and high-speed MLB (multi-layer printed wiring board) for growing IT infrastructure, Probe card, and Medical device industry customers. Key levers include strengthening Sales organization, expanding production capacity, and enhancing cooperation between Manufacturing and Sales. In addition, the Company seeks further expansion of both overseas and domestic business by leveraging Singapore’s geographical advantage to avoid uncertainties from US-China trade friction and the competitive advantage of "Made in Japan".