Detailed Description of Portfolio Companies of Fund V

Social Inclu Co., Ltd.

Features With the operation of all-day group homes (“all-day GH”) for people with disabilities as its core business, the company operates more than 170 facilities (as of the end of November 2022) nationwide. Since the all-day GH program started in April 2018, as a pioneer in the all-day GH industry, the company has continued to rapidly expand the number of facilities and sales, and is currently the only company in the industry to achieve a nationwide facilities and has established a dominant position as the industry's top market share.
Investment Pattern Business Succession
Growth Buyout
Acquisition of shares from existing shareholders
Investment Theme While strengthening the governance system through the dispatch of directors and other measures, etc., Polaris will support the opening of new facilities, increase revenue by cross-selling peripheral services, etc., and establishing the staff organization to match the increase in the number of facilities by strengthening recruitment and lowering the turnover rate, thereby strengthening their business foundation for further growth and eventually achieving IPO.