Detailed Description of Portfolio Companies of Fund V


Features Nationwide systemized construction business in Japan, which has shorter delivery times and lower cost compared to traditional construction, focusing mainly on buildings of less than 2,000m². In addition to its core business of systemized construction, the company also developed businesses in multi-storey parking structures (self-propelled and mechanical), general construction, land use, etc.
Investment Pattern Take-private transaction – acquired shares from existing shareholders via TOB
Investment Theme We aim to further strengthen the company’s compliance and corporate governance systems through the dispatch of directors, and differentiate it from competitors by promoting standardization of construction, automation in facility management, smart parking and other DX measures, as well as by strengthening its commitment to the SDGs, amid challenges in the construction industry such as a shortage of resources and rising labor costs. We also aim to increase market share by optimizing the allocation of sales personnel and expand existing businesses overseas to achieve continued growth in the company’s performance.