Detailed Description of Portfolio Companies of Fund V

Eclasia HD Co.,Ltd. (WELLOFF Group)

Features The serviced elderly housing business(also termed as “Sakouju”) , known as “Eclasia”, has expanded into the metropolitan area, mainly in the Saitama Prefecture. Since its opening in 2014, it has grown rapidly to a total of 84 facilities as of the end of June 2022. By having a system within the Group that can provide integrated nursing care and medical services, Eclasia has established a unique positioning as a high-quality residence that is able to accommodate people requiring high levels of nursing care.
Investment Pattern Business Succession
Acquisition of shares from existing shareholders
Investment Theme While strengthening the governance system for IPO through the dispatch of directors and other measures, Polaris will support the company’s opening of new facilities, acceleration of business expansion through a roll-up strategy, streamlining of business operations through the use of DX, and entry into new businesses, thereby strengthening their business foundation for further growth and eventually achieving IPO.