Detailed Description of Portfolio Companies of Fund IV

BAKE, Inc.

Features Operates about 50 premium sweets shops including “BAKE CHEESE TART” in Japan and overseas, has developed and rolled out multiple brands such as the flagship “BAKE CHEESE TART”, “CROQUANTCHOU ZAKU ZAKU (cream puff)”, “RINGO (apple pie)”, “DOU (pancake with red bean paste)” and “PRESS BUTTER SAND (butter cookie sandwich)”. Has secured a unique position in confectionery industry as “a trend-setting contents provider of premium sweets” by offering products freshly baked in an in-store oven and deploying sophisticated branding and effective marketing strategies.
Investment Pattern Business Succession
Acquisition of the owner’s share
Investment Theme Polaris intends to strengthen BAKE’s business franchise under the Second Start business plan for further steep growth and complete an IPO by reinforcing BAKE’s corporate governance in preparation for a share listing with dispatching officers and providing operational and administrative supports on continuous new brand development, overseas expansion and brand portfolio management in Japan and overseas.