Detailed Description of Portfolio Companies of Fund IV

FCNT Limited /Japan EM Solutions Limited, Inc. (JEMS)

Features FCNT offers varieties product lines, such as “Raku Raku smartphone series”, which enjoys overwhelming support from seniors, and the perennially popular “arrows” smartphone series with its robustness, leading to establishment of its unique positioning in the mobile device market. Further growth potential will be expected by developing new business models based on its asset such as “Raku Raku Community”, one of Japan's premier social networks catering to seniors. Yashiro factory can provide whole processes of running trial manufactures for new products, mass-production, and repair, and materialized significant cost reduction and quality improvement with know-how to optimize each process and over-90% automated production lines.
Investment Pattern Carve-out from Fujitsu Limited.
Share acquisition from Fujitsu Limited
Investment Theme Polaris intends to materialize FCNT/JEMS’s continued growth by strengthening mobile device business plus expanding its business domain such as module and license business, service business for seniors, and IoT business etc. beyond existing mobile device manufacture’s boundary to address needs of the times with improvement of corporate governance through dispatch of directors and officers.