Detailed Description of Portfolio Companies of Fund IV

i-PRO Co., Ltd.

Features Over the past 60 years, the target business has developed its presence by combining advanced edge devices such as security cameras developed to meet the needs of the market, as well as software with features such as face authentication. Through these efforts, it has established a leading brand position in the security camera market in Japan. In addition, it holds a global customer base, and a presence particularly for North America in intelligent surveillance business for public and educational institutions and in the public safety business, which supports the evidence management for police. The company also sells camera modules for rigid endoscopes and super-small-diameter cameras for vascular endoscopes.
Investment Pattern Carve-out from Panasonic Corporation
Share acquisition from Panasonic Corporation
Investment Theme Through the carve-out, Polaris will establish a structure that can realize unprecedented growth by actively developing markets in North America, incorporating the latest technologies in image analysis, and strengthening its capability to deliver solutions as independent entity. As a result, the company plans to lay the groundwork for growth in the North American market, which is expected to grow, and to explore the possibility of expanding into other markets such as Asia and Europe at an early stage. While further evolving our collaborative relationship with Panasonic, we will introduce the latest technologies through M&A, etc. and ensure an overwhelming presence in the market as highly advanced security solution provider surpassing other companies.