Detailed Description of Portfolio Companies of Fund III

LYKAON Co., Ltd.

Features Lykaon’s business grew by providing corporate website construction and maintenance services and SEO software related services to SME (small to mid-sized enterprises), upon unique business model as comprehensive service provider. Subsequently, Lykaon launched ‘LYKAON’, proprietary retail theft (shoplifting) prevention system based on face recognition technology in February 2014 and has been marketing the system to convenience stores and mass merchandisers directly as well as building sales agent network for that product. In view of mounting market needs, Lykaon’s growth potential is promising, as sale to Japanese retails chains rise and other relevant products business would expand in the area of senile elderly people’s accident prevention and intruder prevention.
Investment Pattern Business Succession
Acquisition of the owner’s share
Investment Theme Lykaon proceeds to establish solid organizational and corporate management and to enhance its sales agent network, with aims to (1) maintain steady growth of existing website and SEO software related business, (2) realize quick starting up of ‘LYKAON’business. This will enable Lykaon to deliver business model innovation with nonlinear leaps in its growth
Date of Exit April 2019
Exit Pattern Trade sale of the entire holding to Universal Building Management Co., Ltd.
Exit Story Following our investment, the Company has strengthened corporate administration functionality to deliver smooth handover from the founder/owner of the Company. The Company has also taken measures to develop infrastructure for the further growth by improving the visualization of management, including streamlining KPIs, while promoting long-time employees to the management. In the post-Exit phase, the Company aims to further improve its enterprise value as one of the pillars in the Universal Building Management Group’s business portfolio.