Detailed Description of Portfolio Companies of Fund III


Features In 1978, EDOICHI launched “Sutamina Taro”, the first Japanese buffet restaurant offering both sushi and Japanese barbecue, which turned out to be a pioneer in today’s very popular buffet restaurant market. EDOICHI has steadily opened new outlets, mainly located on roadsides, and then in recent years a new brand, “Sutamina Taro NEXT”, which taps the “in front of the station” market has also been developed. With 156 shops nationwide, it is currently the largest buffet restaurant chain in Japan.
Investment Pattern Business succession
Acquisition of the owner’s share
Investment Theme To implement a growth strategy of aggressively opening new outlets of its new front-of-station brand “Sutamina Taro NEXT” with the stable profit of its well-established roadside brand “Sutamina Taro”, to improve management and financial control of the company and through those measures to increase its corporate value.
Date of Exit July 2019
Exit Pattern Trade sale of the entire holding to Capital Solution Co., Ltd.
Exit Story Following our investment, the Company has strengthened the management and financial control systems, as well as refined management reporting formats to thoroughly manage the profits of individual stores and the performance of the entire company. In recent years, the Company has been realized the QSC improvement, important for the customer satisfaction, while promoting younger executives to build a lean business management structure through strict cost reduction. In the post-Exit phase, the company aims to further improve its corporate value by pursuing the store development strategy such as closing unprofitable stores and resuming new store openings.