Detailed Description of Portfolio Companies of Fund II

Kanto Unyu Co., Ltd.

Features The firm has established itself as a leading transportation service provider for chilled food with strong network and solid customer base mainly in northern Kanto area. Recently it expanded its coverage into Tohoku, Osaka and Kyushu through new branches and acquisitions and has become one of the leading player in Japan for chilled food transportation service.
Investment Pattern Business Succession.
Acquisition of shares from the existing shareholders.
Investment Theme To solidify its leading position in the chilled food transportation service market by continuing the current business expansion strategy through enhancing the existing operations and conducting M&A and also to increase its corporate value by achieving optimum operational efficiency through adoption of a management administration system appropriate for a national player and “visualization” of operations.
Date of Exit June 2015
Exit Pattern Trade sale of entire holding to KSK Holdings Co., Ltd. (joint venture by Seino Holdings, Development Bank of Japan, and Karita and Company)
Exit Story Since our investment, Kanto Unyu Co., Ltd. has evolved into a profitable organization with an unique competitive position among the peers in the segment by implementing (1) improved corporate management system via introducing budget control, daily account reconciliation, and project management chart, (2) performance evaluation and performance-based bonus, (3) new human resource management system and hiring procedure for better recruitment and retention, (4) business structure for better inter-group coordination, (5) inter-divisional management and support system.
In post-exit phase, Kanto Unyu Co., Ltd. plans to further enhance its enterprise value through enjoying synergistic effects from resource-rich Seino Holdings, which is one of the largest logistics companies in Japan, as well as maintaining independence in its management within the framework of co-investment by a business corporation and financial investors in Japan.