Detailed Description of Portfolio Companies of Fund II

SFP Dining Co., Ltd.

Features Operates 74 restaurants, as of December 2010, under “Toriyoshi” brand serving fried chicken wing and grilled chicken on a skewer, “Isomaru Suisan” brand specializing in seafood and several other brands with the goal to “become a group of specialist restaurants which can enrich Japanese quality of life further.” Has attracted many loyal customers with high quality of their food and services. Plans to increase restaurants both under existing brands and new brands
Investment Pattern Business Succession. Acquisition of the owner’s share
Investment Theme Support the management for its fast-pace growth strategies of starting new restaurants under growing “Isomaru Suisan” brand as well as established “Toriyoshi” brand by strengthening corporate governance and implementing effective business and finance control, and aim to create additional value for shareholders
Date of Exit April 2013
Exit Pattern A transfer of all the shares of SFP to Create Restaurants Holdings Co., Ltd.(“Create Restaurants”) and several business partners of SFP through a series of sales.
Exit Story Polaris sold all the shares of SFP through two pre-IPO allocations to stable shareholders, the sale of 30% to several business partners of SFP and the sale of 70% to Create Restaurants. Polaris believes that Create Restaurants focusing on shopping malls and SFP mostly with stores on main streets would complement each other and be able to enjoy a synergy effect. Create Restaurants agrees that SFP continues to aim for going public via IPO.